About Mary Liz Murphy….

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What I Do…

Over the past twenty years I’ve worked with aspiring people like you - smart, hardworking and curious who instinctively know there is a better way to live –peaceful within themselves, compassionate, calm and joyful. They yearn to be centered in their full power, yet they may feel stuck, out of balance, unsatisfied, restless or lacking direction.

Some clients describe me as their life or wellness coach, energy healer, spiritual guide, holistic practitioner, or all of the above:). My clients learn to live in the joy and possibilities of who they are rather than our unconscious conditioning of survival mode living.

Passionate About Inspiring Others to Grow…

My forte is to guide you with holistic self-care and self loving to grow beyond your fears and frustrations. You learn to embody your unrealized potential in your work, health/wellbeing, relationships and life purpose. 

I apply my highly honed intuitive gifts and integrative health and healing skills to help you connect the dots within. By aligning your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, you function in wholeness with less stress, more success. I’ve developed a proven approach and a track record of satisfied clients actualizing the best in themselves. This is my greatest joy!

Each client accesses their innate wisdom and develops life skills to respond to their unique needs:

  • Heightened self awareness of who they are and their purpose

  • Holistic self-care and energetic healing of blocks

  • Tools to navigate life’s challenges and possibilities

After a 20 year business career in Corporate America I answered my true calling to help others channel their energies more effectively.

As a teacher, healer and facilitator of deeper self-empowerment, I founded LifeForce Solutions, Inc. in 2000 to provide coaching, consulting and group programs.

I gained the confidence to know I am good enough and naturally healed my depression. I used to struggle to get out of bed and dreaded work, now I feel alive and ready to go.
— Christina N., Medical Assistant


Energy Therapies:

  • Reiki, Theta Energy, Serenity Vibration, Total Biology Reprogramming, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Light Grids, Oneness Vibration. 

Integrative Health: 

  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling, natural health and healing, breath awareness, mind-body awareness, sound healing therapy, Menopause Type Management.